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Testimony FRANÇOISE and ALAIN's Wedding

Mariage de Françoise et Alain

     Hello and welcome to the site of the MISSION « I AM THE LIVING ONE ». Françoise and I would like to talk to you about our wedding.

     Yes, He really has resurrected. Yes, He is alive. He truly is here, in our lives. But we still must pray to him. Jesus, tells us to pray and to fast. For those of you who are asking the question : How did we decide to pronounce our vows with Jesus? It's very simple. We prayed, and prayed and fasted.

     Françoise and I met while on a fasting retreat ( of bread and water ). Beforehand, separately, we each prayed the Lord, our God, so that He may allow us to meet the person chosen by Him, according to His holy will. This took us around eight years. Do not get discouraged if you are still searching for the right person.

     After, we prayed together. The thought of the wedding came and we asked God for a confirmation ( with the de St-Ignace exercises ) to be certain that the wedding was truly according to His will.

     During another fasting retreat, the Missionary cross « I Am the Living One » was presented to us by the preacher : Father Christian Paillé C.Ss.r. and Mrs Mme Yvonne Hocquard, before starting the week long fast. And knowing our devotion to Mary, Father Christian Paillé C.Ss.r. recommended that we devote our marriage to Mary. Françoise and I promptly accepted.

     Afterwards, someone we had met during the retreat sent us a text that came from the city of Medjugorje in Yugoslavia.

     The text talked of a wedding ceremony with the Cross. This person recommended the Missionary Cross « I Am the Living One ». By chance, we had already obtained one from Mrs Hocquard. The « Living One » had called upon us to bring it home with us.

     Later, He called upon us a second time to invite us to place it at the center of our wedding sacrament, where it should always be anyways.

     Since our wedding, the Missionary Cross « I Am the Living One » finds itself in our bedroom. We bring it with us during the catechism courses for children and in the evening prayer sessions that we participate in.

     Françoise and I hope that this extract of our wedding with the Missionary Cross « I Am the Living One » will help inspire you and mostly that Jesus profoundly calls out to you to place it at the center of your family so as to confide in Him every day.

Ceremony with the Cross Consecration of the wedding
Cérémonie avec la croix
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Photo de consécration
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     In conclusion, we would like to share with you our consecration to Mary and our wedding text with the Cross.

A wedding that withstands wind and storms.

     Does it still exist?

     It will always exists. In the city of Siroki-Brieg (30 km from Medjugorje), the parish records report that amongst the 13 000 faithfuls, we do not count any devorce. From memory, no family has been shattered. Does Herzegovine enjoy exceptionnal favors from Heaven? Is there a magic trick that prevents the devil from destroying their union?

     Is the answer simpler than all of this? During centuries, these populations have crully suffered because we wanted to prevent their christian faith and scratch off the precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who was crusified and has ressurected to open the doors of Eternal Life for mankind. They know by experience that salvation comes from the Cross of Christ. Salvation doen't come from United Nations Peace keepers, from disarmement projects, from humanitarian help, from peace treaties or U.N. clauses, even if these realities serve as canals for some pour quelques good deed. The source of salvation is the Cross of the Christ! These persons have the intelligence of the poor, the beautiful wisdom that consists of not letting anyone mislead them with regards to life or death. This is why they beleive mariage and the Cross of Christ are inseparable. They founded the mariage that gives human life on the Cross which gives divine life.

     The Croatian wedding tradition is so beautiful – discovered by the pilgrims of Medjugorje – that it is starting to spread in Europe and even in America!

     When a young person prepairs for his wedding, we don't tell him that he found the ideal person, the better half. No! What does the priest say? « You have found your Cross. And it is a Cross to love, a Cross to carry, a Cross that must be cherished and not thrown away. » These words prononced in a church in France would leave the fiancé speechless. But in Herzegovine, the Cross provokes the greatest love, and the crucifix is the treasure of the home.

     Father Jozo often explains to the pilgrims that in his country, when the fiancés go to the church, they bring a Cross with them. This crucifix is blessed by the priest, and during the exchange of the vows it assumes a critical part.

     In effect, the fiancée places her right hand on the Cross; the fiancé them places his on top of the fiancée's hand, and both hands become united on the Cross. The priest places his stole on the hands. They then pronounce their vows and promis each other fidelity according to the classic ritual proposed by the church. After this, the newlyweds do not kiss each other, but instead kiss the Cross. They thus know that they kiss the source of love. Those who get closer and see their hands placed on the Cross understand that, if the husband abandonnes his wife or the wife abandonnes her husband, it's therefore the Cross that they let go. And when we let go the Cross, nothing remains, we lose everything since we let go Jesus, we lost Jesus.

     After the ceremony, the newlyweds bring back the crucifix and give it a place of honnor in their home. It becomes the central place of family prayer since they have the conviction that the family is born from the Cross. When a problem comes up, if a conflict breaks out, it's in front of the Cross that the couple come find help. They won't visit a lawyer, they won't consult a fortune teller or an astrologist, they won't rely on a psychologist or a counsellor to solve their problems. No, they'll go before Jesus, in front of the Cross. They will kneel and it's before Jesus that they will shed their tears, they will cry out their suffering and mostly exchange their forgiveness. They won't fall asleep with a weight on their heart since they will have recourse to Jesus, the only one with the power to salvage. They will teach their children to kiss the Cross every day and to not go to bed like pagans without giving thanks to Jesus. For the children, as far as they can remember, Jesus is the family's friend, that we respect Him and that we kiss Him good night. These children don't receive and plush toys to cuddle up to at night to feel secure. Instead they say « good night » to Jesus and kiss the Cross. They fall asleep with Jesus, not with a plush toy. They know that Jesus embraces them and that they have nothing to fear. Their fears disappear in the kiss to Jesus.

     May the Lord Jesus-Christ bless you and your family and may He also manifest all of his tenderness.

Françoise and Alain 

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