Mission I Am the Living One 


Lets all have a pilgrimage of love and hope in our homes (families),
churches, hospitals, schools and religious communities.  Welcome !


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Confide in MARY

     With Pope Benedict XVI, we entrust to Mary, Virgin and Mother: The Church and her mission in the service of love.

     Holy Mary, Mother of God, you have given the world its true Light, Jesus your Son … the Son of God. You abandoned yourself completely to God's call and thus became a wellspring the goodness which flows forth from Him. Show us Jesus. Lead us to Him. Teach us to know Him and love Him so that we too can become capable of true love and be fountains of living water in the midst of a thirsting world.

encyclical: « DEUS CARITAS EST »
December 25 2005

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Prayer before the cross

O Divine Blood flowing freely
Bruised so tenderly
Enter into the depth of our heart
Freeing us from our bondage to sin.

Your Body covered in wounds
Paid so dearly our debt
And Your cruel death on the Cross
Opens our heart to this Divine Love.

Each wound is like a kiss of love
That gently says: " I love you"
Your Passion frees us from condemnation
and saves us from eternal death.

Father Amede Dupas, s.J.

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The resignation of Mary

She saw her own dear Child
dying, abandoned
while He gave up His Spirit.

O Mother, fount of love,
Let me feel your suffering
that I might mourn with you.

Make my heart burn with love
for Christ, my God,
that I may be pleasing to Him.

taken from "Stabat Mater Dolorosa".

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Consecration of the Mission "I Am the Living One"

     I consecrate myself to You, Jesus, as You offered Yourself to the Father for the salvation of the world.

     I ask You to bless everyone faithful to this crucified Love.

     Give us all Lord, a hunger and a thirst for true holiness.

     I acknowledge You, Lord, as my only God and Savior, for You are the Living One among us.

     May Your will be done in union with our Holy Father and the Roman catholic Church.

     I commit myself to the cause of the Mission « I Am the Living One » to adore the Living One on the Cross.


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Message to friends of Christ the Living One


   Dear brother, very dear friend: here is My message for you, today.

Père José Villard     I am Christ on the Cross, and from My Cross, I look at you ... I know you well: I look at you, I see you, whether my eyes are closed or open, it doesn't matter, even if you believe that I am dead. You are right: I was dead, but only once, but like what your friend Saint Paul says – "once and for all". Today and from now on, I am the Living One for you … and for everyone! That is why I am sending you this message, so appropriate for this year of the 49th International Eucharistic Conference in Quebec from June 15 to the 22nd, 2008..

     My very dear friend: it wearies Me to see you dragging your empty cross without Me …or rather your cross with Me still dead … whereas I am no longer dead. I am the Living One.

     Moreover, I am the Living One above all else, because I am forever the Source of Life, "the Firstborn of the Living". That is why I have said to you – and I say it again today : " I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. On your paths you will continue to find, like everyone, many crosses, those that are empty or hidden, detached from Me, those that will be painful, difficult, and heavy to carry. If you continue to see Me as dead, you will end up by being afraid of Me. For I know most people have a fear of death and find it repulsive. Then you end up by being weary of death and the dead …(But after all, that is quite normal, since I have created you alive for life.) Don't forget the famous words of my martyr friend, St. Irenaeus of Lyon: "the glory of God is man fully alive": well-spoken and true! And I will always be this Man fully alive. And how much I want this for you also, for your well-being and for the glory of God the Father … otherwise God will be the God of the dead and not "the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob". Then you will become like the Sadducees who did not believe in the resurrection of the dead and who wanted to impress Me with this ridiculous and legalistic story about the woman who married seven brothers one after another in order to fulfill their law not Mine. Yes, I was already then and will forever be the living God and the God of the living, not the dead. Now I am for you the Way that leads to truth, the truth that sets you free and that will lead you to Life with My Father – the Living One above all others, the Source of all life, and to the Spirit, the Breath of Life. Perhaps you can now understand why I said if you are not born again by water and the Spirit you cannot enter into life. All of this is contained in My loving plan for you.

     That is why I would like to suggest for this new year, A NEW PLAN, a new challenge: GO ON A MISSION WITH ME, THE LIVING ONE; take Me from parish to parish, from family to family that they might experience and tell everyone that I am the Living One …for I love to see you, to visit you, to meet you gathered and united with Me in My Name. So then, happily contemplating the God of Life, the God Who has conquered death, despite the Cross – going from His Cross to your cross you become greater witnesses of life.

     Even in your world of mistrust, worse still with terrorism, you will be My witnesses; you will be a witness of life and love. Take up your cross of the Living One and walk with Me. "Come to Me all you who are heavy burdened and I will comfort you" and you will find peace and rest for your souls.

     I would recommend that perhaps you might begin by a simple gesture: when you bless yourself when you make the sign of the cross on your body - on your forehead (thoughts and plans) on your mouth (words) on your breast (affections and feelings), don't make only the cross, nor the cross only for your life: place Me there, or if you prefer, place everyone in your life in Me, your Strength, the Living One, He Who gives life …

     Now that you are aware of this in this Eucharistic year, you can easily take another step: begin to feel secure in this Other Presence, your guarantee of a full life, the Eucharist … "gift for the life of the world" … and for everyone. And do not forget that you are also there as well; come closer then. Do your part. Be an active and essential part of this movement led by Christ. Thus you will accomplish the will of the God of life: to make the Eucharist the memorial of His faithful and passionate love: "do this in memory of Me"

Your friend : Father José Villar,
Ecclesiastic guarantor

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