Mission I Am the Living One 


Lets all have a pilgrimage of love and hope in our homes (families),
churches, hospitals, schools and religious communities.  Welcome !

I call on You

     Witness of Jesus Christ for a renewed world.

     Today, I call on you whoever you may be, whatever your age and living condition. Ô you who want to come close, take a good look at me. Upon these two pieces of wood, shaped as a cross between heaven and earth, I the Man God am dying in my flesh because of my excessive love for you.

     No other motive could have made me go that far. If I had preferred my life to yours, I would never have consented to being tortured this way. Do you want to know why I went that far? It was to show you my face, to tell you who I really am, to prove to you that I am not a tyrant.

     I am poor, little and not a potentate who wants to control everything. Love alone is what makes up all my strength. Take a good look at my outstretched arms on the cross; they are inviting you to accept me with open arms. Do not be afraid. I am completely harmless. I have no weapon to harm you. Do you believe that I want to avenge myself or descend from the cross to crush you or force you to love me? Never would I dare use my omnipotence to overpower you. I have come but to serve, to love you and realize your happiness. My omnipotence is in my love and it cannot force you to love me. My love completely respects your freedom.

     You may do with me what you will. But I cannot do with you anything I want. I call on You  All I want is to love you. You can strike me, spit upon me, humiliate me as much as you want. Never will it prevent me from loving you. Do not ask me to love you less or otherwise. It is in my nature to love this way in a foolish manner for, I do not love you as humans do but with eternal and divine love.

     Tell me how long you are going to doubt my love and resist my tenderness? I want you to be happy. But you, what does it profit you to make me suffer? Don't you know that it is your thirst for power that pierces my hands, your pride that crowns my head with thorns, your appetite for disorderly pleasures that lacerates my body from head to foot, your self- love that pierces my heart, your self-will that pierces my feet, your thirst for independence that nails me to the cross, your despairing soul that causes my terrible thirst?

     What more can I do for you? My poverty has gone to the very limit. I gave up my body, my blood. I experienced the abandonment of my father. What are you waiting for to allow yourself to be loved and saved by me? If it had been necessary, I would have consented a thousand times to start over again this agony for you, only for you. If you want, at all cost, a basis for believing, I can reveal you the best reason available, my resurrection.

     This event is the guarantee that my love was stronger that evil, suffering and death. And, if I call on You doubt persists about my resurrection, I can give you not only proof but something even better "the witnessing of my apostles and disciples who saw the empty tomb". It is much greater proof than that of the roman soldiers who pretended to have slept during the time the disciples came supposedly to remove the body. Be reassured, my resurrection is not based on witnesses who were asleep. It is based on the faith of disciples fully awake who saw me appear to them, eat and drink with them, preferring martyrdom rather than denying their testimony.

     Truly, nothing could prevent them during their whole life from proclaiming to the face of the world that I was truly risen, that I am always alive and that I shall return some day in glory to judge the living and the dead.

     You who are listening, no matter what kind of life you have been leading until now, I am ready to welcome you just as you are. Do not be afraid. I am calling you today. Come close to me, I wish to re-establish our friendship.

« I Am the resurrection and life. »