Mission I Am the Living One 


Lets all have a pilgrimage of love and hope in our homes (families),
churches, hospitals, schools and religious communities.  Welcome !

     Since January 11, 1999, missionaries of twenty different nationalities are offering to all those who receive this Cross the possibility of a conversion experience and an encounter with the Risen Lord.

     It is… A missionary Cross which goes from home to home and bears the name "I am the Living One". A woman from Ste. Thérèse-de-l'Enfant-Jésus Parish in the Diocese of Montreal had a spiritual experience which was the origin of this initiative.

     Along with our country, Canada, twenty-four others have welcomed the pilgrim Cross: Poland, Russia, Haiti, Venezuela, Italy, France, Mauritius, Lebanon , South Korea, the United States, Ukraine, Switzerland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Africa, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Japan, Spain, and Turkistan. More than four hundred crosses are in circulation at the present time as our Lord Jesus Christ is visiting, healing, consoling His flock and renewing its courage and hope.


     When I left France many years ago, my friends had offered me a cross as a souvenir. "What a strange idea," I had thought. And, time went by, with its graces and its crosses.

     In 1996, I heard the Lord say to me in an insistent manner (by inner locution), "Go and buy a cross." Yes, but which cross? I asked myself, "WHY?". I consulted my director, father A. Dupas s.j., a Jesuit. He told me : "Remain attentive ... God is talking to you". ...

     Finally, I made my way to a store. As I entered, I saw many crosses on a wall at the other end of the store. I took one off the wall. I knew it was to be that one. I heard by inner locution: "BUY ANOTHER CROSS. I want to visit and be part of families." As I made my request known to the salesman, he replied: "You are lucky. The boat is arriving from Spain in about two months. We receive the crosses once a year, so you had better order two to make sure you will receive at least one."

     So, I asked Father Amédée Dupas, s.j. to bless my cross. One morning, as I was holding the cross, I noticed that He didn't have a wound on the side. Strange that they should have made such a mistake. I know what I will do, "I will paint a wound". All of a sudden, I heard these words : The Mission cross "I am the Living One" and I saw Christ move. I was filled with fear, and dropped the cross on a blanket. He had spoken in a loud, strength-filled voice. "Yes! He is alive ". For many hours, He was in agony, blessing his executioners and redeeming all of us.

     The other two crosses arrived. Someone made me three wooden bases for my crosses. I knew that Jesus' words: "I am the Living One", had to be engraved on these bases. On Saturday, January 4th, 1997, I decided to go to an engravers' shop at Rockland shopping center. I phoned my friend Lise to ask her to come with me. I didn't understand why I had called her to ask her to come with me as I was fully capable of going alone.

     I picked up the bases of the two crosses which had not yet been blessed. I entered my bedroom with the intention of taking the base of my cross which had been blessed. Upon approaching it, I got the impression that I should not touch it. I brought the cross into the living room and placed it on the table. I noticed that Christ was exuding and that there was blood on his hands. And, at the exact place where I had wanted to paint the missing wound, a big ball of oil was exuding from between his ribs. With the second finger of my left hand, I lightly touched the right hand of Christ. There was blood on the tip of my finger. It is impossible to describe the effect this had on me. I really saw myself at Calvary: I was deeply moved by a terrible and holy fear of the Lord.

     I was crying and blurted out: "Lord, You are bleeding, You are bleeding." At first I knelt, then with my finger in the air, and my eyes glued to the blood, I remember going all over my apartment, and then coming back to the cross to fall on my knees with my eyes full of tears.

     Just then, Lise arrived. She took notice of what was going on and fell to her knees. During the time spent in prayer, the blood on the tip of my finger disappeared into my skin. Lise and I blessed ourselves with the oil, tracing a sign of the cross on each other's forehead.


     On Saturday, January 11th, 1997, a mass of consecration of the holy crosses was said by Father Dupas, s.j. We were already a gathering of twelve people.

In 2003, more than 180 crosses were going around in 16 different countries: Canada, Poland, Russia, Haiti, Venezuela, Italy, France, Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean, Lebanon, South Korea, the United States, Costa Rica ,the Ukraine, Lithuania, and Switzerland.

It is the mission "I AM THE LIVING ONE".

August 25, 2001, first gathering.

Now, on May first 2006, the "I Am the living One" mission Crosses are venerated in 23 countries.
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