Mission I Am the Living One 


Lets all have a pilgrimage of love and hope in our homes (families),
churches, hospitals, schools and religious communities.  Welcome !

To be a missionary on a daily basis

     Each day, you give me a new mission. For, upon awakening, Lord, you extend your hand to tell me how to live for you and how to work for you.

     Each day, you send me into the world you want to transform and you give me a full time job.

     Each day, through my activities, prayers and sacrifices, you make me part of your great mission and enrol me as a collaborator.

     Each day, you give me the opportunity, nourished by your Eucharist, of strengthening myimage courage and orienting it toward a total commitment that will be profitable for all those who are awaiting it.

     Each day, by your Holy Spirit, you form in me a missionary heart animated by a will to spread the faith of the Gospel everywhere.

     Form in me a heart that is moved by the profound misery of a world searching for salvation and by a hunger for God secretly tormenting so many human hearts. Give me the audacity to help all persons in distress. Form in me a spirit of determination in using his strength to build the Church, animated by a zeal to bear witness to you and in making you known and loved. Form in me a generous heart, anxious to offer in any way his energy and all his sufferings in order to create a humanity that has greater faith and is more loving for ... You are alive.