Mission I Am the Living One 


Lets all have a pilgrimage of love and hope in our homes (families),
churches, hospitals, schools and religious communities.  Welcome !

Pray and venerate
image cross of the mission
image - The Holy cross

The « Mission I Am the Living One »
is a question of love for the Crucified Saviour.

JESUS said to Yvonne-Lucie :
« I want to visit and be part of families.
So buy another Cross. » Since then, a
certain number of Crosses have found
themselves in Quebec and in 23 countries.

JESUS wants to be adored as the Living
One on the Cross. JESUS has His eyes
open, with no wounds on His side. And it
is during these three hours of agony that
our Redemption takes place, and from
there the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Become a missionary yourself; acquire a
holy Cross, and lend the Living One for a
week or two to those who are suffering. In
faith, you will see conversions, healings of
the body and soul as only Jesus can.

JESUS said to Saint Bernard: " honour this
wound in my shoulder with devotion and I
will grant you whatever you ask through its
virtue and merit. And through the tears of
My Holy Mother, I will refuse nothing."

So, then, together, you and I, let us go
towards Him, He who loves us with an
infinite Love: the Divine Comforter of our souls.



Come pray with us daily

Be a missionary via communication

I Am the Living One's bulletin
This bulletin allows us to unite in prayer, orison, meditation, sharing and for the daily reflections.
It's a way to communicate the activities, the meetings and any information related to the mission as well as Christian information.

Father Normand Daigle
Father Normand Daigle

Father Normand Daigle, priest at the St-Vincent-the-Paul church in Laval (Quebec, Canada) explains how the family is in relation to the gospel.

To view the video of Father Normand Daigle, click here (11 Mo). It will start in approximately 2 minutes.

Daily meditation

Read, see and listen ...

Chandelle et Croix

Click here to see more slideshows that invite us to meditate.


Prayers Prayers for Mary Trust in me

Christ, full of mercy, invites us to meet him for a dialogue full of love.

Heart to heart with Jesus

The most
beautiful prayer ...
Our Father

For all, a prayer is the first possession.  Our relationship with God depends on it.  A true prayer is always personnal, but not always individual.  It may be with family in a PRAYER GROUP.  It may be with this great family, the Church.

O Mother Mary, how you are beautiful
when you pray by my side …

Have faith in Me !

Feu de camps
Holy Spirit,
enlighten our faith
warm our hearts.


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Prayer intentions
A Christian community, is praying for one another.

Crois de la mission Jesus, come save everyone from their terrible hardships.
Blessed be thy God, now and forever !

Personnal prayer intentions
Courriel      We invite you to send us your prayer intentions, information, photos and videos either via email or by regular post.  This way, we will pray and meditate together in fraternity whatever the language, the culture or the country.
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Testimony Yearly blessing
Wedding hands
Wedding of Françoise and Alain
To read Father José Villard's message for the new year,
please click here.

Main avec croix
Bénédiction 2009
To view this video, click here.

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